The Art of Mia Makila

Recent Work [2014-2017]

digital collages, paintings & mixed media

My recent work is mostly digital. I have been developing my own technique in PhotoShop for 10 years and it allows me to “paint with images” instead of traditional paint. However, I have not abandoned painting, it is still a passion, but I find complete artistic freedom in the digital expression since it is a such a flexible and direct media.


Older works [2006-2013]

paintings, digital & mixed media

My paintings are my most private and intimate statements and artistic expressions, based on raw and primitive emotions and moods. Before I discovered the digital media, my collages were made from paper cut outs found in antique books and magazines, acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas. I also used antique cabinet cards and vintage postcards as a base for absurd and macabre collage portraits. All my work is part of a trauma recovery and they are like diary notes from my inner journey.


Here is also my photography portfolio

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