A new home

I have so many different projects in motion at the same time so I haven’t had any time to write anything substantial here in a while. But I will have more time on my hands as soon as some of the projects are over. I have blogged almost every day for 11 years and what I’ve learned is that it is hard to maintain a daily flow of posts when you have so many other things going on simultaneously. I am doing the best I can.

At the moment I am busy with planning the photo shoot at the haunted hotel later this month – and looking for new pieces of furniture for me and Johnny. My apartment is small so it’s a challenge to make it work. I probably have to give up about 40% of my furniture to make room for new ones. I haven’t had the money to buy things, in at least five years. The pieces I have now is a sad collection of many broken relationships and old homes. It is like a scrapbook of different decorating styles and versions of myself. I am gonna get rid of the red IKEA couch I bought last summer, it is awfully uncomfortable – and perhaps I’ll buy a couch from my work (with a juicy discount of course). I am thinking about getting this couch together with this rug (bohemian chic style). It would look something like this:

But I am not sure would fit in here, perhaps it’ll be too crammed. I don’t want to move to a bigger place right now, because my rent is ridiculous cheap, so I have to make the most of what I’ve got.

I am feel anxious about transitional times like this. I get restless and frustrated and want the change to happen now, now, now. I have to keep in mind what my therapist used to say: “patience is the key to a balanced life”.

I just want to decorate my new life and create a beautiful home for me and Johnny. We both really deserve it. When I’ll have all the new furniture in place, there is only one thing missing in this apartment; Johnny.



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