Hello, from me!

I woke up this morning feeling a little more energized – and I’ve had a great day at my job, making graphic design work in PhotoShop all day. Of course, I had no desire what so ever, to open the software on my computer once I got home. But I will dedicate this evening to my Swedish writing project and to enjoying some classical music.

I am thinking about how lucky I am to have found a job with such amazing co-workers. It was so important to me while I was looking for a job – to find a place in the ‘real world’ where I feel accepted for who I am – both as a person and as an artist. I have had too many bad experiences of bad workplaces where I felt completely wrong and ended up looking like a freak because my mind works in such a different way. I know I love ‘too much’ – too easily, too intense and to happily. It might intimidate some people. I know I am creative in everything I do, in every area of life and that it can be overwhelming for people who ‘numb’ their creative nerve in order to get through life without any inner chaos. I am also aware that I am loud about who I am and I demand the space I need – and it is provocative for some people. But I am not going to apologize for these things anymore. I feel proud of it and the people I have in my life right now are celebrating those qualities with me. I feel so grateful.


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