No energy but many plans

I am so tired. I feel like my body is barely able to function. I tried to meditate twice today but I fell asleep both times. The summer heat doesn’t help. I hope I’m, not getting sick. Perhaps I am just tired from working full time again. I hope this is just temporary –  because I have so much to do – so many projects to plan. There is no time for this sleepwalking now.

At this point, I have a clear vision of what I wish to accomplish with creating the group of Swedish underground artists and creators. It is an important project and I feel like I could contribute something rare and beautiful to the art community here. I have at least 10-15 artist on my list already. To me, it doesn’t matter if they are professional artists or not, as long as their expressions are genuine and exciting. I don’t want us to be an elitist group – but a group of artists who just love to express ourselves, using an underground statement or the perspective of an outsider.


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