I ♥ Twin Peaks

I’ve had a great day and I am learning more and more about myself (good things) as I am getting more involved with my new job position. I can’t believe I wasn’t able see how many resources I have to offer to the world – not just as an artist but in the shape of many different roles. As long as I am free to be myself and able to be creative in everything I do, I will thrive and grow. Without those things, I end up getting sick in my soul. I understand why there have been times when I have been depressed or blocked. I always have to make sure there’s room for that kind of creative freedom, it is vital to who I am.

Watching the new revival of Twin Peaks has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I am not exaggerating. It has filled my whole being with the most powerful inspiration – and pure admiration for David Lynch, both as an artist and as a director. I am very grateful for being alive in the time when it is possible to watch something so dark and beautiful, so deliciously disturbing. This week’s episode left me speechless. It was groundbreaking – something that has never been showed in TV series before. He is really pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in Television. I believe he is making TV history with this revival of Twin Peaks. I feel like I am watching something that has never been visualized before. It is such a beautiful to witness. Together with Lars Von Trier and Cindy Sherman, David Lynch is my favorite source of inspiration when it comes to contemporary artists.


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