A day ruled by the heatwave and bright sunshine. Where did my gray days disappeared to? As always when it’s bright and hot outside, I don’t really feel quite like myself. The weekends go by so fast now days. It’s Friday night and then suddenly Sunday evening already. I have to be more self disciplined from now on, otherwise I won’t ever get back into the flow of making art again. And it’s just so ridiculous that I only have one piece left to finish in the first new collection. The House of Lava. It is such a personal piece – a love story about me and Johnny.

However, my mind is packed with new ideas – both for myself and for collaborations with other artists. Even at my daytime job I get to be creative and collaborate with home stylists and graphic designers. I feel such gratitude.

I am also planning a new photo shoot with Karin. I miss her.

I can’t stop listening to The Weekend song I posted yesterday, I am so in love with it. “I feel it coming”. Yeah, I do.

Even though I am haunted by this recent heatwave, I feel like I am riding on my own heatwave as well. So many good things are just around the corner.

I feel it coming.


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