A break

It is lunch break at work. Another gray day. It has been a gray summer and for that I am grateful. I haven’t been able to be creative at all this week. Yesterday I knocked out right after my talk with Johnny during his lunch break (my 9 pm). I miss my art. I miss to flow with the mojo and dig deep into things. I miss feeling connected to my own private Universe without interruptions. Tomorrow I’ll try to be as creative as I can. On Sunday I have a meeting with another artist from my hometown – which is part of my plan to gather creative people and network so we can collaborate and put together great group shows in the future. I have never been so optimistic about the future before. It is filled with so many good things and they are all waiting for me. The biggest difference about my new future if I compare it to all the futures I’ve been waiting for before, is that I am creating this one from scratch. It will be my masterpiece.


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