The wildest heart

I took a walk home after work. Gray skies. My red hair flowing in the whirling summer winds. But I’ve got sunshine in my heart. I feel so many things. I feel free. Happy. Inspired. But most of all – I feel like I am made of pure love. There is just so much love everywhere. And I think I am crushing on the whole world right now. It is all so beautiful. Everything. This rainy summer. People. My inner Universe. I even feel beautiful to myself right now. But the most beautiful thing is to be alive. I mean – to really be alive. I can feel my heart like it is a a physical place, where everything is wild and free, just like the wind. I feel the glowing heat radiating from it. I wonder if other other people can see it as well?

I will never stop chasing the magic of life because it is the very heart of it. And I need to be in constant movement forward. At least within myself. Where everything is connected to a secret rhythm.  It is where I belong. Me and my wild, wild heart.


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