Sunday morning. I keep the windows open and there is a sweet scent of summer in the room. Johnny and I were talking for five hours last night. We call the weekends “magic days” because our conversations are like magic rivers of thoughts and feelings, flowing uninterrupted alongside the hours that passes. There are no filters or hidden places in our conversations, we are honest and real even with the uncomfortable. I have never been more naked with another person. It is one of the most liberating things I can think of in this life. Freedom can be many things, but to be able to be oneself without holding anything back or censoring – in front of both oneself and another person who loves you, is probably the most satisfying version. When I woke up this morning, Johnny had sent a message: “I love that you speak from the core. You are a poet for that language and everything you see through it makes it even more beautiful. You hold me in your core my sweetheart and I am holding you in mine.”



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