Sensual Saturday

It’s Saturday morning and my mind feels sensual and soft. I am absolutely at peace with myself right now. Life is no longer a threat. Is is a gateway to both the magic and the organic state of reality –  the challenge is to keep it balanced. There could not be one without the other. I don’t know why I was born with such a strong connection to the magic elements of life, it doesn’t run in the family, but I treasure it immensely. I am lucky that way. There is never any void. Or flatness. My connection with life has always been intense and raw – and it is not always to my advantage, but I would never want to be without it. Then, I would be indifferent to most things. There would always be filters, walls, high and thick – dense, between me and life. Between me and other people. And in my relationship to myself and my core. My heart is almost always overloaded and stuffed with emotions – I bleed easily. But the heart blood is what separates me from Death, not just the physical one but the emotional one which is much worse. You can follow the trail of blood through my words and my art. It is what makes me visible, not my skin.


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