Creating a new world

I am only a few hours away from getting my period, which feels like something is dying inside me but at the same time is quite refreshing. It is a peculiar thing. I have been talking with Mats Tusenfot about a collaboration – and little by little our ideas are coming together to form something of a shared vision. I love that so much.

I am also trying to connect with other creative Swedes (artists, arts and crafts people, musicians, photographers etc) so that I can build my own community of ‘outsider creatives’. I know I have been complaining a lot about how I don’t have a context in the Swedish art world, so now I am trying to actively change it. It makes me feel like I’m actually doing something important – and at the same time I’m gaining new friendships along the way.

I have been creating a new life for myself, now it’s time to start creating a new world to go with it.

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