A second chance

It is the last day of my old life. I have the PMS from hell but I feel excited and ready for this change. Johnny and I have been looking into the process of moving him over to me in Sweden and the migration board says it can take up to two years for him to get his permit. The timing is bad since we have a big wave of immigrants and refugees in Sweden right now. But two years. How frustrating. However, I know we can do this. Johnny is my future husband and I could wait for him as long as it takes. We have gone through so much together already.

Now, I only have one last piece left of the house collection to finish. It is a little funny that I am starting my new job (in marketing) at a furniture store tomorrow. When I am done with my house collection, it is time to furnish it.

I have been meditating a lot lately. I guess I am a little tense because I haven’t been able to get really deep into trance. But in one session, I saw my future as a big and empty space that is waiting for me to fill it. I will fill it with so much substance and meaning. I have wasted too much time in the wrong places, with the wrong people. This really is my second chance to live my life as it should be lived.



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