Friday morning

It is Friday morning and I am soon about to meet up with Karin at her theater rehearsal for a quick photo shoot. The last two weeks have been overwhelmingly intense, but somehow, I thrive on the energy instead of being drained. My notebooks are now filled with weekly “focus lists” including all the processes and projects I have in motion right now – structured  in priority order. This is how I will be able to work hard but be able to maintain a balance between work and rest and not focus on the wrong things.

I have also got a job as a web admin/marketing & content producer at an online furniture store. It will be the perfect place to explore and expand my other creative resources, besides my artistic expressions. I haven’t even thought about how much I am working with marketing when it comes to my own career. I do it every day, here on the blog, on social media and networking with other artists “in real life”.

Now it is also possible for me and Johnny to start the process of getting Johnny here. This is of course an amazing thing – but also frustrating. It can take up to two years for him to get his permit to stay – due to the heavy load of immigrants and refugees here in Sweden.

But, we are dealing with the frustration and the missing in a good way. And I’ve never been this close with a man before, even men who I’ve lived with. So the distance isn’t really that bad. There are no other distance between us than the miles of land and ocean that separates our bodies. This is what my current work in progress is about “The House of Lava”.


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