Sunday thoughts

I find it hard to be relaxed in front of the camera when Andy is here to shoot scenes for the documentary. It is not easy to just be my ‘everyday self’ like that, which is a little absurd. Being oneself should always be the easiest thing. I need to let go of the ego and stop trying to control how I look or how I come across. I guess I am so used to feeling judged by others that it is difficult to trust that there aren’t anyone there to judge when I’m being caught off guard by the camera.

I am also very good at trying to hijack other people’s projects, to make them my own. It is a natural instinct, to make – create –  follow visions. It is not natural for me to follow other people’s visions, but it’s a good exercise in trusting other people to lead me to good results, being self-taught and all. In everything I do, I try to learn as much as possible – I believe knowledge is the key to any form of success, personal or career wise.

Today I have to answer the interview questions for French online magazine Konbini. The questions are both fun and makes me think about my art from a different perspective.


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