A new drive

At Espresso House earlier today

I am having the most intense week with no time over for anything other than all the creative projects I am currently working on at the moment – but I feel great! I am trying to find a balance between work and rest so I won’t get overwhelmed or burned out again. My life is now filled with a creative flow and new social interactions. Johnny’s birthday gift – my Canon camera, has been the perfect tool in order for me to approach the world outside myself. I have been so used to taking selfies for this blog, it is liberating to turn the camera around and away from myself (which is ironic since I am being filmed for a documentary).

Today’s therapy session turned out to be the last one. I am doing so well now, both in my health, in my art and when it comes to life in general. There is no need for me to continue the treatment. The therapist has been amazing. She opened up my eyes to the importance of balance – in everything; balance between body/mind, work/rest, being social/alone time, self loyalty/being loyal to others. I have grown immensely since I started seeing her once a month. I will truly miss her.

I have experienced so many personal victories lately – and all of them equally important, but my favorite is the way I see myself in a totally new light. My process of independence has led me to an unexpected inner peace and a new and energetic drive and ambition. I am looking forward to using it in all the new challenges and endeavors that are waiting just around the corner.


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