Domenique in Black and White – photography by Mia Makila

Suddenly, all my photo projects with Domenique from 2009 are starting to make sense. I have revisit them over and over to continue editing them throughout the years, but without any clear vision of what to do with them. I haven’t even thought of myself as a photographer in a long time. Getting my new Canon camera has opened up a new place of ideas and visions inside  me. I feel hungry for making new projects, with new people and motifs. I am a portrait painter and a portrait photographer and I won’t make any distinction between the two techniques anymore. I just want to express myself and to capture emotions and beauty and mix them with the raw and ugly nature of reality – and I want to do it my way. It is all I want to do.

I only need to stay true to my core, I need Johnny’s love and to make artistic expressions through my art and writing – I don’t need more than that to live a happy life.


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