It feels wonderful to be painting again. I find so much inner peace when I am being creative like this. I feel like a volcano with an endless source of magic lava. It is almost like a compulsion, the need to erupt over and over again and never wanting to stop. My home is here. In the lava.

Today I collaborated with my parents in a photo shoot. It was so much fun. When Johnny gave me the camera for my birthday I told him: “I am already working on 10 projects right now – damn you! Now it will be 11.” And I was right – all I want to do now is to take pictures. I am both a portrait painter and a portrait photographer but I haven’t had a camera in almost 10 years so I feel rusty, I need to practice on the people I have access to. My ambition is to make these portraits look like tintypes. I have been studying tintypes and wet plate collodion photography for days now. Let’s see if I can figure out how to do this in PhotoShop.


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