A morning inside a snow globe

It is a grey yet promising morning. Yesterday’s therapy session is still on my mind. It was so intense and shook my whole world. “Therapy is like a snow globe” said my therapist when I told her that. “I shake your world and everything looks like it’s starting to fall apart and then all the pieces are flowing around in the air, slowly falling to the ground and then it finds peace and stillness in your mind.”

I will devote this weekend to making art and write on my Swedish writing project. I need to be creative again. It was good to take a break and to recharge – I have lots of new energy to put into my work now. Although it’s hard to feel energized when you watch the news and see all those poor Syrian kids gasping for air in the latest gas attack. Life itself can be hard, but people are choosing to turn it into a living nightmare. What is happening in Syria is truly shocking and atrocious.

My art is about the nature of the human mind, body and spirit – I wish those three components were acknowledged and respected as a whole by every human on this planet. Life is precious, we are all precious. Both wars and abuse are the opposite of this acknowledgment. Nothing good can grow where the respect, for the human life or the planet we inhabit, is missing.

Making art based on this philosophy feels more important now than ever.


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