The challenge

Today’s​ therapy session was both intense and rewarding. While doing a little role playing together with my therapist, I reached another breakthrough. I love how my behavior and my whole world is making more and more sense the deeper I dig.

My mind has been a place of a complex entanglement of emotional knots for a long time, but the more I am learning about myself, the more my mind is able to untangle itself. And I can finally find clarity and reason.

I haven’t been this clear minded in my whole life. Before, it was impossible for me to read books. I wasn’t​ present enough. My mind was too cluttered, too cloudy. It is wonderful to be able to read again. 

My writing project has come to a temporary halt. I have so many good ideas for it,  but I have to nurture them before they are ready to happen. High quality projects are more important to me now than before. I think it’s connected to the way I am present nowdays – you can only create things of high quality when you are truly present.

I have ideas for so many things. Paintings. Novels. Photo projects. Even ideas for TV shows. I wish I had the time and energy to go after all of them at once.

My challenge is certainly not to come up with ideas, but to be patient and let them grow and breathe without being tainted by my restlessness.


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