Every day is my favorite day

I woke up to these lines, in a message from Johnny:

So many good things are happening right now. I am working on two art shows at the same time, I have a writing project in the making, I am making progress in therapy – and spring is finally here.  I am also about to start a short term internship at a web agency, because my job coach thinks I would be an amazing art director but I am lacking the necessary  experience.

Work in progress, “The Dance Of Death”:


But the best thing I have going right now is, without out a doubt, my relationship with Johnny. The home we are building together is a source of a happiness I’ve never felt before. Every day I wake up to his messages (with a 9 hour time difference) and it is suddenly my favorite day ever. When I am taking my daily walks and feel the sunshine on my face, I can’t help feeling like my heart is shining even brighter.


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