Shadows in Stockholm

I am staying in my friend’s apartment in Stockholm all by myself. I always feel anxious when I’m away from home, but my friend has made me feel so welcome here. Tomorrow is the “Women in Horror” panel discussion about horror and creativity at Kulturhuset and I’m feeling both unprepared and overly prepared at the same time. One of the hardest things I know is to write introductions to my art and presentations about me as an artist. It’s like I’m blind and can’t see myself in that way. I am just creating my art and there’s not much to say about it, it is a natural part of who I am. But I know other people are fascinated by it and want to know. So I’m trying to come up with a good presentation.


There are a lot of beautiful details in this apartment


Shadows welcoming me in Stockholm

This city is so beautiful and it feels like home every time I come back. Hopefully I am able to move here some day. I don’t feel at home in my hometown, where I’ve been living since I had to leave Stockholm three years ago. But I don’t feel like I am home anywhere, geographically speaking. All I know is that I have three homes in this world – the one I keep inside myself, the home I have in Johnny’s heart and the home I create for myself through my art.

And this weekend I have a home in my friend’s apartment. I have such wonderful friends. I’m grateful.


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