Magic hour

I am sitting under the blankets in my big armchair, listening to Mozart’s sonatas for violin and piano and reading Linn Ullmann’s novel about her father, Ingmar Bergman. It’s a peaceful moment. In 30 minutes Johnny will call me during his lunch break. We have one hour together every day during the weekdays. We call it “magic hour”. As soon as I hear Johnny laugh I feel the magic. And we laugh a lot. My favorite of his many different laughs is the surprised laugh. That is why I love to surprise him by saying unexpected things at random times.

I have been thinking about my digital art and how I’m getting so much better at it all the time. It’s almost like I don’t need my paintings anymore, I can do the same kind of expressions in Photoshop now. Not that I will stop painting but it’s an observation worth exploring further.


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