Wednesday morning


The weather keeps shifting back and forth between early spring and winter. I am sensitive to the seasons changing so I haven’t felt balanced in a while. I took a break from my art last week but I am hungry to get back into the flow again.

I am starting to miss Johnny in a bad way where I feel sad that he’s not here with me. I need to turn this negativity around. If there’s something I have learned on my inner journey, it is the power of a positive outlook. And frankly, even if Johnny is geographically distant, he is more present in my life than any of my exes ever were. We are making the best of this frustrating situation. And I honestly enjoy the stillness of living alone for the first time in my life. So the timing is right.

I think all I need right now – is a little spring.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday morning

  1. the weather here is sunny and windy at the moment i too have been feeling out of sync lately but things are starting to line up again i think it was the walk down by the coast watching the sea crashing onto the rocks while sitting thoughts run through my mind that makes me smile and one of them is you and johnny … me.we are all connected by thoughts in life,death in the past to the present, and the future but what is a future thought i was not too sure about this maybe thats what they mean by dreams or deja vu …….lots of hugs little sis keep smiling……..Stevie


  2. That’s beautiful Stevie, you should paint or write poetry.

    What coast are you walking by?

    I am smiling. I feel so good. I hope people can feel it. Can you?



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