Every day is Valentine’s day

It’s a beautiful morning. I open a window and even if the air is crisp and cold, I can almost smell the scent of an early spring. Johnny sends one last message before he falls asleep in California. He is holding my sweater tight, just like I held his shirt while I was falling asleep last night. Every day is Valentine’s day. Every day there is so much love.

With Johnny, September 2016

I am looking at my notebook, it is already filled with plans and ideas for projects and processes for 2017 – and it’s still only February. Ideas for personal growth, writing projects, art shows – and as soon as I find a job I will be able to afford new ways of making art as well. Bigger canvases. Collecting details for assemblages and junk sculptures. Better art supply. A professional camera at some point. It makes me feel so excited.

My future is just around the corner.


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