So much is happening right now. My life is changing. I am changing. But there is this one thing left. One little detail. And I am at a crossroad. There is one decision left to make before this process of change is absolute.

I’ve faced a lot of tough decisions already this year. The most important thing is that each decision is leading me forward instead och backwards or back to where I am right now. It means taking risks and a leap of faith – to be courageous and strong minded. I’ve had a dark hole in my gut for a while but it is gone now since I’ve faced some tough questions. It’s funny how the body is a great companion in times like this. It really talks to you and make sure you stay on your path. All you have to do is listen.

I now have a plan how to get all the bits and pieces of my broken life and career to come together. It has been a long journey to get to this point. A very long journey. But I’ve learned so much on the way.

How to survive a trauma. Then overcoming it.

And now – leaving it behind.


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