In between the delicate and the raw

I have been studying alternative art forms lately. I want to unleash more. I want to be bolder, more raw and experimental. But also more poetic, more sensitive and delicate. It is like I have to sides to my artistic voice – and perhaps even to my personality.


Work in progress


Work in progress and the finished ones in my new collection of works

I have a very controlled side – where the melancholy and the seriousness lives – and then I have this wild side where there are no limits to the playfulness in the raw emotions. Maybe it’s the Pippi-Bergman thing again. I love my two sides but they have a tendency to clash sometimes and it’s not a good match. I need to learn how to separate them so they are pure in their very different expressions. The magic is in the pureness – and being fully committed to a psychological state or the juxtaposition of two raw emotions (like fear and happiness or rage and playfulness).


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