About meditation


Meditation has changed my life on so many levels. It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me – and one of the best investments I’ve ever done in my life. I am connecting myself to all my parts – body, mind and soul. I am learning how to let go of fear, stress and tension and getting relaxed like I’ve never been before. I’m breathing in new fresh air and breathing out old and negative energy that’s been trapped inside me for many, many years. It is liberating and cathartic. I used to be blinded by both fear and insecurities but it’s all fading away with the meditation. How can I fear fearful and insecure when I am getting so connected to myself and nurturing my soul? Meditation is the perfect antidote to a negative self-image.

The meditation has also helped me to stay focused on the right things and it has been the perfect tool to let go of the destructive paths in my mind. I used to experience a roller-coaster ride in my feelings on a daily basis but since I started meditating 4 months ago I have become much more balanced. It’s this balance that makes me able to move on, even beyond the darkest trauma holes in my heart. I feel grateful and rich because of this. I feel rich because I am stronger than any darkness.

You can listen to my favorite guided meditation here.


One thought on “About meditation

  1. God bless your precious soul, lil one.
    Someday soon,
    I shall be with you in the Great Beyond.
    ‘Both of us have served well;
    Enter into Seventh-Heaven’
    I hope Jesus will say to us.

    Cya soon Upstairs.
    Love you, dear.
    Be at peace.


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