I feel hurt. Perhaps it’s just my silly expectations of things, or perhaps most people are unaware of how they sometimes fluctuate between wanting closeness and then suddenly keeping a distance. It’s not always easy for me to be this connected to things, people, hearts and minds, because it makes any disconnection so very brutal. And I know I am alone in my experience since most people don’t think about these matters. But it’s like one day you mean the world to them, the next you are nothing but the smallest detail in the back of their minds.

I’m not like that at all but I guess I have to learn how to adapt to the changes of their inner thermostat so I won’t end up hurt on the days when there’s more distance and coldness than the days where I feel appreciated and embraced.

My heart is the most sensitive place. I should create a map for people to know how to navigate inside it so they know where they shouldn’t go.